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- serial number than anyone else. and that was added to the the price of the capture of a monkey. please. i need that message. i really I tried sudo apt-get remove snapd. no luck. Hello, I'm trying to setup a home server using ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS on a Intel NUC i7-8700k (Kaby Lake). There is not much hardware to configure so I just followed a tutorial and everything works correctly as it should. However, it has some weird behaviour on the audio, the speaker beeps on the machine and the mic input only works if the screen is on (but it is not necessary to turn on the screen). All audio has PulseAudio and I've tried to setup with only Alsa and OSS but it only works on OSS. And some speakers do not work on the alsa or oss modules but they work with pulseaudio. The problem is when I have some audio playing, for example a movie, but if I stop the video the beeps will be still played and even I have it muted, still. FurretUber: ok, you may need to file a bug if that hasn't already been reported FurretUber: Use your phone to record the beep noise for future reference. Also, when you reboot, there is a brief chance that the sound settings are changed. Is there a way to reset that setting? FurretUber: if so, please confirm it against the package in question (i assume `snapd` in this case) !info snapd artful snapd (source: snapd): daemon to automatically initialize and use Snaps. In component main, is extra. Version 2.21.3-0ubuntu1 (artful), package size 223 kB, installed size 1074 kB it's not an ubuntu issue as I asked on stack overflow bumblefuzz: would you file a bug please? bumblefuzz: this is in 18.10 bumblefuzz: the snapd pacakge package

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